Entertain your customers AND make money off it.

No upfront costs for the new compact SecondScreen device.
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Delight your customers with great content.

The reviews are in: Users LOVE the connected experience!

Monetize content consumption digitally

Charge customers for access. Geotargeted ads.

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Engage customers even after they alight

Interactive customer loyalty program.

A platform that increases brand loyalty.

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All-new SecondScreen Device

Power-packed. Pocket-sized.

Stunning 720p videos play back on all platforms, all devices. Collaborative apps keep users entertained!
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2 months CORE+ subscription = free device

CORE + Offer.

Experience the potential of SecondScreen with 2 months of CORE+ subscription. Includes free SecondScreen™ device.* Learn more
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How it works.

We make your customer's journey better.

SecondScreen enables transport providers to entertain their customers and make money off it. Through the unique integration of low cost, compact, plug-and-play wireless infotainment systems and easy to use cloud-based content management software, we deliver an engagement platform like no other.

Our mission is to entertain people to make their experience on long distance journeys great.

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